Holiday Projects!

Valentine’s Day

Bee Mine Beeswax Valentine

Blow Pop Valentine

Cyclops Valentine

Lovebird ValentineThe Amateur Librarian // Lovebird Valentines

Love Boats

Owl Valentine

Paper Heart Chain

Purr-fect Valentine

Seed Packet Valentine

The Amateur Librarian // Sign Language Valentines

Sign Language Valentine

Sole Mate Valentine

Vintage Valentine Banner // The Amateur Librarian

Valentine Clothesline Photo Gallery

Valentine Garland

Valentine Round Up

Vintage Valentine Banner // The Amateur Librarian

Vintage Valentine Banner

Woven Hearts

President’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

The Amateur Librarian // Shamrock paper garland

Shamrock Paper Garland

The Amateur Librarian // Shamrock Specimen Art

Shamrock Specimen Art


The Amateur Librarian // Stain Glass Easter Art

Stain Glass Easter Eggs

Independence Day

The Amateur Librarian // Independence Day Cupcakes

Red White & Blue Marbled Cupcakes


The Amateur Librarian // Quick & Easy Halloween Treats

Roundup of quick & easy crafts

Cursive Skeletons

Halloween Bunting


The Amateur Librarian // Halloween Strings

Halloween Wall Hanging/Table Topper

Modern Halloween Cross Stitch

The Amateur Librarian // Quick & Easy Halloween Treats

Rosie the Riveter Costume

Spider Web Cupcakes


Reversible Autumn Bunting – Halloween/Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Bunting

Thanksgiving Hexis


Birds of Peace Ornaments

Christmas Tree Skirt

The Amateur Librarian // Christmas Tree Skirt

Doily Wrapping Paper

The Amateur Librarian // Gingerbread Lane Cross Stitch

Gingerbread Lane Christmas Countdown

Greeting Card Ornament


Ornament Garland

Photo Card 2010

Photo Card 2011

Quick Christmas Centerpiece

Snowflake Garland

Space-Saving Card Display


Stamped Penny Ornaments


Stamped Paper Bag Wrapping

Wonky Tree Ornaments

Winter School Crafts

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