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My First Quilt

One craft I have always, always wanted to learn to do is quilting.  Maybe because I grew up reading Anne of Green Gables and Little Women, but I have always been drawn to the crafts of the 1800s.  When I was little I sewed little dolls stuffed with kidney beans or clothes for toys, but all by hand.  I didn’t come from a crafty family, so I mostly experimented by cutting up my old clothes or raiding the church’s scrap closet.  And over the years, I stuck mostly to cross-stitching or knitting as my craft of choice.

autumn colors

But recently a fabric store opened in our town, and I was immediately excited by the tagline “Quilting Classes Offered.”  This was in May 2010, when I had just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, had scheduled my surgery, and was noticing symptoms of my as-yet-undiagnosed Crohn’s disease.  I was still feeling draggy and dispirited, although looking forward to summer break.  The chance to venture into quilting excited me immensely.  I had given up on exercising during the ups and downs of my thyroid saga, often too exhausted to do anything but fall asleep on the couch at 7 PM day after day.  But an indoor activity that exercised the hands and mind?  Right up my alley!

Turning Twenty Again
yellows, blues, and browns

I went to Fabriholics and signed up for a class to make a “Turning Twenty Again” queen-size quilt.  I am still a total novice, although I can now claim to have one quilt-top to my name.   But I am excited!

my first quilt

I love fabrics and love piecing.  The cutting and measuring, however, are a different story… but practice makes perfect, right?  I don’t aim for perfection, but I’m having fun getting closer.

Among the skills I have yet to master:

  1. Cutting with a rotary cutter
  2. Measuring accurately
  3. Calculating yardage for patterns
  4. Cutting on a bias
  5. Remembering every step

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