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My Reading Log

Was anyone annoyed by having mandatory reading logs in school?  Personally, I wish I had kept them!

I have voluntarily kept a reading log for the past two years, and I am just sad I haven’t kept one for longer!  All those books I only half-remember, or have only a fleeting memory of the plot or my impressions upon reading.  My log is not extensive or cumbersome.  I just jot down the title (& author, natch), start & finish dates, and “Thoughts” of each book in my diary.  I love looking back to remember what I’ve read, and often the act of writing down a few impressions reminds me more later of how I felt, what I thought, and the main plot points.

Plus, I love stats.  How many books did I read in a month?  A summer?  A year?  How many old favorites did I re-read?  How many fiction books?  Nonfiction?  Memoirs?  Which did I start but never finish?  Which books did I read in a single day?  Which book took the longest to complete?  My reading narcissism knows no bounds.  And in the privacy of my own diary, I am not a freak.

Maybe one of these days I’ll type it up & share…


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