Craft Chat

Halloween Par-tay Treats

Planning for parties is almost as fun as the party itself! First of all, many lists must be made.  Shopping lists, To-Do lists, Timelines for making all the treats. Fun stuff! Sam and I went grocery shopping last weekend and bought the drink materials during the week. On the list for Halloween goodies: (1) Slushy… Continue reading Halloween Par-tay Treats

Chit Chat

Past and Present

On the subject of Halloween costumes: I’m usually pretty lazy when it comes to Halloween… last year I just wore a cute flowered dress and said I was a “field of flowers.”  Yeah, lazy. This year we hosted a party so I wanted to do something closer to an actual costume.  I’m still pretty lazy,… Continue reading Past and Present

Book Chat

(A) Favorite!

It’s hard to choose a favorite book… but here’s one that makes the top 10 of my favorite children’s books: Roxaboxen, by Alice Mclerren Interest level: Grades K-3 This book just embodies childhood.  Creating an imaginary world out of the bits and pieces that adults overlook is at the heart of any child’s imaginative play. … Continue reading (A) Favorite!