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Fall Has Arrived!

Fall is here!  In Mississippi, that means the weather is in the 80’s rather than the 90’s.  And I’m loving it!  I actually have to wear a cardigan to work in the mornings, and bus duty is slightly breezier in the afternoons.  In the South, you have to appreciate the little signs of changing seasons.

So in honor of open windows in the car, turning the A/C off, and crisp game days, I hunted up my “Fall Decorations” box in the attic.  It’s a small box, since I’ve only set up house for a year.  Inside: kitchen towels, placemats, a pumpkin-shaped candy bowl, salt and pepper shakers, ribbon, and a bow that adorned a fall-themed vase of flowers.  Not sure where that vase is…

First, I switch out my salt and pepper shakers.  I love seasonal salt and pepper shakers!

Then my oven mitt and towels.. one in the kitchen, and one in the guest bathroom.

also pictured: my monthly magnetic list. One for every month... love it!

Guest Bathroom... you know we've graduated from college when friends no longer have to go through your bedroom to get to the bathroom

My tiny table gets switched up too.  I stupidly washed these place mats in the washing machine last year… and they shrunk.  Might need to upgrade.  But I shall distract you with the cute little pumpkin candy bowl!

The towels, place mats, and bowl are all courtesy of my Secret Pal from work last year.  Thanks, Secret Pal!  And this year, my Secret Pal gave me these adorable flowers!

Now, for outside.  I have a wreath.  I’m not going to pretend that I do anything elaborate.  I used the ribbon from last year to wrap around the wreath, and added the bow on top.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I just today finally took off the bells hanging on my wreath from last Christmas… maybe I will think of something cute for the spring/summer holidays this upcoming year… we’ll see how lazy I feel in 2011.  My hopes are high.

So now Fall is officially here in the Dornan household!

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