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Halloween Arrivals!

Look who’s getting ready for Halloween… that would be the Dornans!

new kitty dish on our new end table!

Found this cute kitty at Hallmark… black like Tali with a gift of the dead variety to represent Cora.

black like Tali!
the fish bones convinced me to buy this!

Cute little ghosty!

little ghosty on display

He lights up but you can’t tell from the picture.

I should've turned the light off.. you can't see at all that he's lit up from the inside

This replaces any real live pumpkin.

Tada! A fancy pumpkin, with none of the fuss of seeds and goop!

We are (ok, to be truthful, I am) very bad at keeping plant-things alive… hence all my dead houseplants.  Even pumpkins aren’t cared for too well… last year, we forgot to get a pumpkin, but my parents carved one for us and brought it over as a surprise.  So we looked really with-it for Halloween, but we didn’t get around to throwing it out till several weeks later… when it was caved in and gray and all-around nasty.  So this year, a ceramic pumpkin for us.  And since it’s not real in the first place, why not a black pumpkin with silver spiderwebs?  Thanks, Hobby Lobby!  Here it sits outside on the porch furniture.

Complete with real, authentic fall leaves!  (See, there’s a reason I didn’t sweep.)

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