Chit Chat

Past and Present

On the subject of Halloween costumes: I’m usually pretty lazy when it comes to Halloween… last year I just wore a cute flowered dress and said I was a “field of flowers.”  Yeah, lazy.

This year we hosted a party so I wanted to do something closer to an actual costume.  I’m still pretty lazy, so I went with the easiest costume I could think of, but also something that I (and Sam) would enjoy.  Can you guess?  A cat, of course!

So I found some ears at Wal-Mart (unfortunately, they had blue leopard print around the rims… grr, what’s wrong with solid color?) and a tail. (Funny story… I went to Dirt Cheap, a pretty gross discount store with crazy disorganized shelves and merchandise all over the floor.  I found a kid’s Zebra costume set, but I didn’t like the ears so I found a set with the ears missing and bought the tail.  Sam says it looks like a horse’s tail but I think it passes as a cat’s tail just fine.)

Friday night, I wore a black dress with a belt so I could clip on the tail.  Then I dew on whiskers with eyeliner and a nose with some lipstick.  And it made me remember… doing the same thing for a friend’s graduation party my senior year of high school.

In the Past…

and the Present!

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