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Halloween Par-tay Treats

Planning for parties is almost as fun as the party itself!

First of all, many lists must be made.  Shopping lists, To-Do lists, Timelines for making all the treats.

Fun stuff!

Sam and I went grocery shopping last weekend and bought the drink materials during the week.

On the list for Halloween goodies:

(1) Slushy Witch’s Brew

I wish I had gotten a better pic of the punch with the hand floating in it

Basically a margarita mix (with some Blue Curacao to turn it green) that you freeze for 4 hours so it’s slushy, then add Sprite and serve.

(2) Frozen hand to float in the punch

supplies: two non-latex, powder-free gloves, food coloring, and water

I filled two plastic gloves (non-latex and powder-free!) with water Thursday night and added green and red food coloring.

I tried to position the gloves with the air bubbles toward the top, then froze them overnight

I made two but we only needed one hand in the end.  So now I have a glove full of frozen red water in my freezer.  Hmmm….

(3) Spider Cupcakes

All the cute spider cupcakes. My friend Harry insisted on an anatomically correct spider with 8 legs and multiple eyes 🙂
eyes and fangs

I made cupcakes Thursday night and let them cool overnight.  At the party we added chocolate frosting, chocolate-flavored twizzlers for legs, mini m&ms for eyes and candy corn for fangs.

(4ish) Mummy Pretzel Rods

four thumbs up!

My friend Zach helped me dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate and added mini m&ms for eyes.  Then we put them in the fridge to set, with the intention of using piped frosting to look like mummies.  Unfortunately the pretzel rods never fulfilled their potential to be mummies… we forgot all about them in the fridge. (all but 3 still got eaten, tho.  Hmmm…)  Maybe next year they will be real mummies!

The party was great, and so were the costumes!  Keith Stone and Ke$ha made an appearance, as well as Lord Broseidon, god of the Bros (very elaborate!), two cats, a devil, etc. etc.!  All in all, a great Halloween weekend 🙂

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