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Sorry I’ve been out all week!  The past two weekends have been really hectic (more on that later!) and this school week has been extra-busy with Kids Fest happening Thursday night.  Another thing they don’t tell you about during your Education courses: there will be 12-hour days, when you come to work at 7 AM and don’t get home until 8 PM.  With no break.  And lots of interacting with the community.  It’s all good, but it’s also exhausting.  I got home Thursday night and told Sam, “I’m just going upstairs to take off my shoes.  I’ll be right down to tell you about everything and check email.”  Never happened.  He came up at 10, wondering what had happened, and I got up long enough to brush my teeth and take out my contacts, and that was that.  Needless to say, Friday has been an autopilot kind of day.

But!  I haven’t forgotten this blog, promise.  Here’s a little something to share with you today, & I’ll start posting more regularly next week!

So, a couple of Fridays ago I needed to come up with a fun but simple group game that involved the letter “E”  for a small group of 2nd graders at school.  I remembered this egg game from a teacher resource book I have about Literacy bags, but couldn’t find the exact page… but it is sooo easy to put together with items around the house, and the students liked it so much that I used it for 3rd through 5th grade as well!

To play, you will need:

–plastic Easter eggs (at least one per child)

–a small household item that will fit into each egg

I looked around the library and my apartment, and this is what I found:

a cotton ball
a bell
a paperclip
a leaf
some berries (from a wreath)
a nickel
a battery
an eraser
a hook
a rubber band
a plastic spider
a packet of sugar

items that will fit into plastic Easter eggs (not all shown)

The game is simple, but the kids loved it: Each student chooses an egg and can shake it but can’t open it.  We went around the circle choosing an egg and making a guess (I had a list of the items so they had clues). Then we went the other way around the circle to open the eggs one by one to see if the guess were right.  I tried to make the game last a while by asking beforehand which items they thought would be easy to figure out (the bell was the easiest) or hard (the cotton ball and the packet of sugar were the hardest).

Fun and easy!

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