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So where have I been these past two weeks?  Helping my friend Heather prepare for her wedding, of course!  This post has been waiting in queue because I promised not to put it up until the wedding happened.  And then everything got busy and I couldn’t find time to write until today.

Heather (visit her blog here!  Maybe she will post more!)  did a lot more hands-on crafts for her wedding than I did for mine, sad to say.  I think my mom & I were scared of simultaneously having nervous breakdowns before the wedding by having to tie too many bows at once, so we didn’t do much of anything crafty.  There were no bows required, and the only thing we fancied up ourselves was printing clear labels for the sending-off bubbles.  And that was a nightmare!  I’ve never felt such anger toward a printer in my life.

So needless to say, I was excited to help Heather with all her crafty wedding endeavors because I missed my chance with my own wedding, and when it’s not your own there’s a lot less stress involved!  So the Sunday before the wedding, Heather, another bridesmaid, and I gathered at Heather’s to tie about 50 gazillion bows and other assorted wedding awesomeness.

On the menu for the craft extravaganza, in order of appearance at the wedding:

Welcome Bags

These were given to out-of-town guests staying at the hotel.  Her wedding was small, so the bags weren’t too numerous and more time was spent making them cute!  We found white bags and that cool black-and-white patterned paper to cut out an F for the center.  Then into the bag: water, sweet and salty snacks, itinerary, and a local tourist guide for nearby restaurants and attractions.  Perfect!


So cute!  We added black satin bows.  I don’t have a pic of them in the church, but they were really sweet and simple and elegant.  We added the toss-bouquet in a vase beside them and it was perfect!

Napkins and utensils

I’ve never done this before, but the effect was really cute.  120 utensil sets wrapped in a napkin, tied with a black gauzy bow, and placed in a basket by the food.  Now that is attention to detail for you!

Favor boxes

in progress

Heather’s Mother-in-Law bought customized pink and white m&ms with the Bride and Groom’s names and the date printed on them as the favors.  So the three-step process went: (1) put together little black box (2) spoon m&ms into round tulle cutouts inside each box, and (3) tie a bow and thank-you on each and every box.  We set up our assembly line and cranked out 50 boxes.  Look how cute they are with the centerpieces!


More bows!  This time, thin pink and black bows.

Carnage from Crafty Time

We put the bubbles on silver chargers and the bridesmaids carried them around to guests when it was time to send off the bride and groom.  No pics exist of those bubbles, but here they are in action!

I had so much fun being crafty for Heather’s wedding!  And all the details paid off with a beautiful wedding and reception.  Heather is just now getting back from Jamaica, a week later.  Love you, Heather!

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