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When Sam and I got married, we bought the digital rights to the photographs our wedding photographer took.  So our photographer created one wedding album for us, and then we suddenly had over 2,000 digital pictures at our disposal.  Talk about overwhelming!  I had thought I would want to painstakingly choose each and every picture to put into our wedding album and to give out to friends and family, but honestly I was glad the photographer did most of the work.  It was just too overwhelming to look at 20 different shots of the same pose, and then try to choose the one with the best smile or best tilt of the head.  So when we showed my family and Sam’s family the pictures, and told them they could choose any prints they wanted, no wonder they hadn’t made any decisions 6 months later.  It was just too overwhelming!

Never fear, to the rescue!  I used Shutterfly to create picture books just as good as our wedding album for everyone in the family.  First, I uploaded a  good portion of the pictures (sometimes randomly picking one version of a shot because I didn’t want to agonize over the nuances of each pose)  and then customized photo albums for my Mom and Dad, my Grandma, Sam’s Mom, Sam’s Grandmother, Sam’s Great-Grandmother, and another small one for us (did I mention I’m a photo junkie?).   The awesome thing about Shutterfly is that you can rearrange photos on each page to look exactly how you want, choose the pictures to suit each family member, change the background for each page, and add text wherever you want it.  And you can choose if you want the photo book to be hardback, padded, or softback.  It’s awesome and looks so professional!

So that’s been my experience with Shutterfly.  I am already a fan. also offers many other photo products that I’ve never used before– prints, of course, but also cards, canvas wall art, calendars, etc.

And when I saw a tweet from my favorite blog Marriage Confessions, “Got a blog? Then enter to win 50 free holiday cards from @shutterfly!” of course I hopped on over to the site to check it out.  Finally, those perks of being a blogger that I’ve been hearing about!  So if you have a blog (of any size!) you can write about a previous experience with Shutterfly, share some of your favorite of their 2010 holiday collection, and 50 free photo cards get sent your way!  So yes, there is something in it for me by writing this post, but I don’t feel conflicted at all because I would honestly recommend Shutterfly even if I wasn’t getting anything in return.

They really do have some beautiful Christmas cards over there at Shutterfly, and they’re all about $1 a piece.  Of course, I don’t have any kids to plop in there for instant cuteness, but the picture possibilities are endless.

Look how cute this one Christmas kisses card is!

I wouldn't embarrass you by sending a pic of Sam and I kissing, but doesn't it melt your heart to see little kids kissing?

And this one with the green stars!

Imagine getting this in your mail with the merry little mugs of Cora and Tali looking up at you!

Imagine Cora and Tali frolicking in the Ocean

This has been a fun post to write, not only because I’m getting 50 free cards out of it, but because I like Shutterfly and I love holiday cards, and woohooo the holidays are upon us!  I love this time of year!

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