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Sometimes You Just Want to Color

Sometimes… I don’t want to do anything complicated.  I just want to color.

I spotted a book titled “Designs for Coloring” among my coworker’s resource books in the library last week.  I’ve probably seen it a hundred times, but this time I sighed a little in my mind and thought, “A little mindless coloring would be awesome right now!”

So I snuck the book home and made some copies.  And while Sam was at a basketball game last Saturday night, I spent some time with my crayons and markers and colored.  So nice to let my mind take a deep breath and just not think for a little bit.  Actually, it did take some concentration to color in the lines!  It was just nice to concentrate on something other than work or worries or life.

Sometimes I feel like doing something creative, but I get out some art supplies and don’t have any idea what to do next.  This book was perfect: a little structure, a little freedom, a mindless activity with an end result.

This book is one of those old coloring books from the ’70s (like, 1977… just looked at the copyright) that still said coloring was creative, before the tide turned against coloring books for kids (remember that scene in a Ramona book where Ramona is begging for a coloring book, but her parents say it will curb her creativity, so she makes her own.  That’s how I feel sometimes… you have to stand up for your right to mindless entertainment!)

“You will find hours of pleasure as your imagination is challenged at every turn.  You cannot be too young or too old to experience a fulfilling involvement.”

~Designs for Coloring 4, by Ruth Heller


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