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New Nativity Seen

Sorry, that pun was totally intentional. But seriously… isn’t this just the cutest Nativity scene you’ve ever seen? (another pun intended, sorry) Sam’s Grandmother gave me this when we visited for Thanksgiving, complete with basket. I’ve kept it in the basket to avoid cat attacks, but every now and then I like to take out… Continue reading New Nativity Seen

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Christmas Wish Come True

So I just bought all of Sam’s Christmas presents on Amazon, and I just had to include one Christmas book from my Wish List.  Such a hard choice!  Really, it shouldn’t have been so difficult, but it was. And the book I chose?  The Christmas Magic, written by Lauren Thompson and illustrated by Jon Muth.… Continue reading Christmas Wish Come True

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The Weather Outside is Frightful…

But the fire is so delightful… Now it is really December, because the Christmas cards are starting to arrive.  And finally, my mantel is starting to fill up! My family’s card is always a treat… my brother and his Photoshopping skills are always put to the test! And here is our official card! Our second… Continue reading The Weather Outside is Frightful…