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Last Day of 2010

Hard to believe that here it is, the very last day of the year 2010!

And as usual, I find myself playing catchup.  So much to share: highlights of the cruise… Christmas… unfinished Christmas crafts… shopping for Sam… the end of AR… end of the year Reading Log stats… summary of 2010…. goals for 2011…. gah!  Blogging overload!

I’ll try to get to some of it some time soon, but I’ve been enjoying my last lazy days so much that I can’t promise I actually will.  Even now, with a few minutes to write, I’m also getting ready to jet off again for New Year’s Eve festivities.

I can, however, give you my Reading Log for December 2010.  Didn’t read a lot, but the quality more than makes up for the quantity.  Not a single mediocre book; in fact, I loved reading every single one!

I’ll try to be back tomorrow, but if not, cheers to the New Year!

December 2010

Title Start Finish Thoughts Grade/
The Annotated Persuasion,
edited by David Shappard
12/6/10 12/14/10 Love this Austen novel—and very enhanced by the annotations.  Maybe I was more prepared, but it didn’t seem as choppy as the annotated P&P.  More illustrations, too.  Can’t wait for his next, S&S.  Another ideal Anne in literature. A+
The Film Club,
by David Gilmour
12/8/10 12/8/10 Read this quickly, sat down to read a couple pages and got hooked.  Recommended from a blog, got it through  Father-son relationship—son drops out of highschool with the condition of watching 3 movies a week with his father.  Crazy, but good book!  Very out-there relaxed parenting. A
by Emma Donoghue
12/18/10 12/19/10 Rather disturbing but very convincing—POV from the 5 YO of a woman abducted and kept in a shed for years.  Satisfies that sick curiosity that arises from the news stories.  Well done. A
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,
by Steig Larsson
12/26/10 12/28/10 Riveting!  Gruesome, but thankfully not too graphic.  Started slowly, but got very engrossing very quickly.  Not sure I could handle the movie.  Must read sequels ASAP!  So lovely to indulge in reading on Christmas break. A+
Shit My Dad Says,
by Justin Halpern
12/29/10 12/30/10 Really funny—It’s great to have a lol read each Christmas.  I read the Twitter and I hear there’s also a sitcom now.  Fun, light read—great to quote aloud, even with the expletives! A
The Girl Who Played with Fire,
by Steig Larsson
12/31/10   Still Reading  

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