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Out of the UFO Closet

With two (very bizarre for MS!) snow days, I was finally able to finish up some craft projects.  Can you believe I have ACTUALLY finished my Christmassy Cross Stitch?!?  It’s only taken a year and a half, and I’ve only blogged about its slow progress THREE times!

Here it is in all its glory:

I bought this frame during my Black Friday shopping.  The mat was a burnished red color that looks like tin, but when I finished the cross stitch it seemed too gaudy.  I contemplated just throwing away the mat, but then I turned it to the other side and I actually like it!  So now the mat is white but you can still see the stamped pattern.  I like it!

I wanted to start a new project, but I was smart and looked in my project bag to find a UFO (UnFinished Object… cheesy, I know, but it’s a real acronym, promise!  I didn’t make it up).  And I found this embroidered wedding announcement that I started while I was engaged… 2 years ago!  I had grand plans to finish this project and have it nicely framed and displayed at our reception but… yeah… that obviously didn’t happen.

This is a really pretty project… you can buy it here at if you’re interested (I love Janlynn!  The best thing about them is they always give you freebies whenever you order something!).

I got stuck on the personalization at the bottom.  Everything was already stamped on the fabric to cover up with embroidery, but to add the names and date at the bottom, you have to trace the alphabet font with pencil onto a piece of tissue paper, then baste it onto the fabric.  I got through the K and a of my name, and that was it.  As I remember, the gold floss was really difficult and I was just too busy with student teaching and planning the wedding.  So I made an engagement scrapbook instead and this project went into the UFO bag.

This time, the gold floss was not so frustrating.  I quickly embroidered the rest of our names and the date in an hour.

Then I carefully cut the tissue paper from around each letter.  Rather tedious!  But most of the work was already done and I am really happy that I finished this project!  This was the first embroidery I ever did (different from cross-stitching) and I think it turned out really well.

Now I just need to find a frame for it.  Actually, I have a few pieces of art I need to frame… they all have odd dimensions, so I think I’ll take a trip down to Hobby Lobby to get some custom mats and frames (hopefully for a better price than a frame store).  Stay tuned for some before-and-after shots when they’re all framed up 🙂


3 thoughts on “Out of the UFO Closet

  1. Both pieces are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see them in person….Keep an eye out for Hobby Lobby’s half price for custom frames.


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