Craft Chat


If you didn’t get a close enough look at the Meow frame from the other day, here’s a recap and a little more explanation:  Got a cute frame for Sam for Christmas.  Planned to put a pic of the cats in it, but Sam accidentally saw it before it was wrapped.  So I decided to get a little creative… and enlist my brother for some Photoshop help.  From a limited supply of photos, my bro came up with some really funny ideas.  I chose one for the frame, but here are the rest in all their glory!

I call this... Camo Cora


Just hanging out with Tali (who enjoys sleeping on clothes, particularly jeans... very strange, I know)


Cora would totally be cool with this much physical proximity in real life... not.


yikes! Two Sams!!


And the winner for the frame is…

The perfect amount of creepy and funny! Sam as Cora and Katie (with cat ears!) as Tali

Ta-Da 🙂


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