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Really Cool Knitting Thingy

This has been a knit-heavy blogging week, but that’s just what’s been going on in my little world.  The other day, I posted about my grandma’s treasure trove of knitting tools that I inherited when she moved to a smaller living space.  There’s one cool little accessory that I had never seen nor used before, but now I am using it with my current project and loving it!

This little counter thingy sits at the end of your needle and has a little dial on either end to count your rows!  You just twist the dial when you’ve finished a row.  How neat!

Annnd, as another bonus, there’s a tiny little tape measure attached!  So if you need to knit five inches, you don’t have to keep a ruler around, you just unroll this little tape measure as you knit!

I’m sure this is very common with the experienced knitters of the world, but it is just blowing my socks off!  I always used to drive myself crazy counting and re-counting my rows, or ticking them off on a scrap of paper.  And keeping a ruler or tape measure by my side– but usually leaving it in another room when I actually need it.

Very cool, Grandma!  Very cool 🙂


2 thoughts on “Really Cool Knitting Thingy

  1. Hi, I am also sentimental about family knitting things. I have some of my grand mother’s and mother’s knitting needles. The sad thing is that I don’t use them because I prefer wooden circular needles for all my knitting. However, these needles have moved 5 times and I’ll probably will always own them, Happy Crafting! Joan in NJ


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