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February 2010

A year ago… it was February 2010.  Looking back, I was reading some good books.  I was rereading the Anne series, and read one of my new favorites from the whole year– The History of Love.  So good!

Word for word from my diary, here’s my Reading Log from a year ago:

Title Start Finish Thoughts Grade 


Anne of Avonlea (#2), 

by L.M. Montgomery

2/4/10 2/12/10 Loved, of course.  Wonderful narrator—finally found a company that sells these audiobooks on cd—although only up to Anne #3.  Not as good as the first or last in the series, but still memorable and lovely.  Happy car rides. A+ 

Audio Book

Olive Kitteridge

by Eliza0beth Stout

2/14/10 2/20/10 Related short stories—the format I’ve always thought I would use to write a book.  Interesting writing style, especially nice after reading books with no distinct style.  Not what I’m used to, but good. A 


Crossing to Safetly, by Wallace Stegner 2/21/10 2/27/10 Really enjoyed this book.  Writing is just what I like most—descriptive, focused on character and place.  I like human lives, nothing too dramatic or unrelatable.  Ending slowed down a big, though.  Will probably read more by this author. A 


Anne of the Island (#3), 

by L.M. Montgomery

2/25/10 3/10/10 Really fun—college years and romance and finally accepting Gilbert.  I just wish I could continue listening.  Good narrator, though sometimes too dramatic. A 

Audio Book

The History of Love, by Nicole Krauss 2/28/10 3/1/10 Wow, really awesome work of literature.  Truly a joy to read—the characters, and the viewpoints, and every piece clicking into place.  Definitely a keeper, a re-read, although I’ll never again have that moment of suddenly understanding .  Just beautiful. A+ 


It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these monthly posts– January has been a looong month!


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