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Paper Heart Chain

This weekend I had a blast making valentines!  Nothing cheers you up after a traumatic doctor’s visit and having to say good-bye to your mom like cutting out sparkly hearts.  So this week, I’ll be posting about the different valentine-y crafts that I’ve been making to my heart’s content.

First up, let’s start with decorations.  I love putting something up around the house for each season/holiday/no-reason-at-all.  So when I saw this really cute paper heart chain tutorial at (If you are a  crafty person, you really need to follow them on twitter.  I get so many cool ideas from them!) I knew I wanted to make this really simple but cute paper chain to decorate.

But not just any paper chain– a heart chain!  The original tutorial is here.


~Colored Paper (the tutorial says not to use copier paper or construction paper, but that’s what I had on hand & it worked fine for me)
~ Scissors
~ Stapler

Here are simplified Directions:

1. Cut paper into strips measuring 1″ x 4 1/4″ each

online tutorial: check; paper: check; ready to cut!

2. Hold two strips together and staple at the top.

3. Bend the strips into a heart shape and hold the ends together with your fingers.  Add two more strips on either side and staple all four together.


4. Repeat!

I had a lot of fun making chains… one for Mom (who taught me to love Valentine’s Day),

one for the front door,

one for the “dining room”…

btw, new "winter" place mats 🙂

And then I experimented with felt…

some hearts on top of the art

and made ornaments…

felt hearts nestled on the "D"

even Sam has some Valentine cheer in his computer nook!

paper heart ornament

And then when I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, somehow I found myself in the craft aisle… and somehow some red felt found its way into my cart… so there may be more heart chains cropping up around the apartment this week 🙂

Stay tuned for more Valentine crafts all this week!

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