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Sole Mates

In the library, we get a subscription to Disney’s magazine called Family Fun (you can go to their website here) and it’s always fun to see what crafts they include for upcoming holidays.  All of their projects are easy enough for kids to complete, so they’re great inspiration for library lessons.  For Valentine season, I went straight to their website for ideas.

This valentine is really sweet and simple: you can go to the online tutorial here.  All you need are your feet!  And some paper.


~ colored paper (I bought a multi-pack of sparkly cardstock)
~ heart stickers (the tutorial suggests stick-on jewels)


1. Trace your foot on the colored paper. (Yes, for those of you who receive this valentine: that’s my real foot!  It’s tiny!)

2. Fold the paper in half and cut out two feet.

3. Glue the feet together to form a heart.  Put heart stickers (or jewels) on the toes and add the message.


Some message suggestions:

“You’re my sole mate!”

“You’re toe nice!”

“I get a kick out of you”

“I’d walk a mile for you”

“We’re off on the right foot!”

Tune in for more valentines tomorrow!


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