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Sweet and Simple Valentine

This is probably the easiest Valentine I made over the weekend… another idea from Disney’s Family Fun website.   The online tutorial (click here ) gives cute candy/message pairings, and I combined it with this idea for adding a pencil to the Vaelntine, but I added a blow pop instead.

Very simple but very cute!


~ Sheets of colored paper or foam (I had foam on hand, so that’s what I used)
~ Scissors
~ Blow pops or pencils


1. Cut out a heart shape (I used a template that you can download here) from the colored paper or foam

2. Cut two vertical slits at the bottom.

3. Write your message and insert the blow pop or pencil.


Suggested messages:

“You blow me away”

“You can count on me when things get sticky”

“You’re just write for me”

They also have suggestions for cute messages with other candy:

“You make me laugh” with mini snickers;

“I’m crais-y about you” with a bag of craisins;

“Be Cool” with a peppermint patty;

“Have a ball this Valentine’s Day” with Whoppers;

“You’re a joy to be around” with an Almond Joy.

I love this stuff!  Stay tuned for another valentine tomorrow 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sweet and Simple Valentine

  1. This looks like so much more fun than buying those overpriced themed Valentines from Walgreens…you’re making me want to make some! And since I have to work on V-Day instead of being with my hubby, I could give them to my coworkers…hmmmm….my creative juices are flowing!


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