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Little Wise Guys

This is probably my very favorite of the valentines I’ve made so far.  In fact, once I made the first batch I got out more paper to make even more.  Now I have a whole flock of these adorable valentines.

I got the idea from Disney’s Family Fun website: the online tutorial is here.  Very easy and so cute!


~ Colored Paper (I bought a pack of sparkly card stock)
~ Google Eyes
~Heart stickers (optional)


1. Cut out a tear drop shape from your paper.

2. Fold down the top part of the tear drop.

3. Cut a “V” from the top and glue it down.

4. Add eyes (I used either heart stickers or google eyes or both… usually, I couldn’t resist adding the google eyes!) and your message.

Some suggestions:

“I’ll owl-ways be your friend.”

“You’re a hoot!”

“You’re owl-right”

“Guess whoo loves you”

“I love whoo you are”

Stay tuned for more valentines tomorrow!


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