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I’ve Got my Eye on You!

This is probably the most labor-intensive of the valentines I’ve made, so I saved it for the very end.  But that said, it still only took me about 30 minutes to make 4 of these little guys.  And they’re so cute!

This is another goody from Disney’s Family Fun website.  The online tutorial is here.  I printed it out and used it as a reference.


~ Sheets of Colored Foam or Paper (I used foam, but that’s just what I had on hand)
~ Google eyes
~ Yarn
~ Hole punch
~ Scissors
~ Sharpie markers


1. Cut out one big heart and four smaller hearts out of the foam (or paper).  I used a template from the Disney Family Fun website (you can find it here) for the big heart, but I just free-handed the smaller hearts.


2. Punch four holes in the big heart (two for the arms, two for the legs).  Punch one hole in each of the smaller hearts.  (At this step, I realized that I had left my only hole puncher at school… so I used some tweezers to make holes.  Whatever works!)

3. Cut two 12″ pieces of yarn, and string one through the two holes on each side.  (Since I didn’t have hole-punched holes, I used the tweezers for this step too.  Tweezers are handy things!)

the back

4. Tie a small heart to each end of string.

the front

5.  Glue a googly eye in the center of the heart.  Add eye lashes and a smile.

6. Add a message!

Suggestions: “I’ve got my Eye on you!”

“We see eye to eye!”

“Eye’m glad you’re my friend!”

Just look at my four cutie patooties!


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