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Happy President’s Day!

Woohoo it’s President’s Day!  My favorite holiday of the whole year is finally here!!

Well, maybe not.  Usually I am only interested in President’s Day if it involves a holiday from work.  Which would have been lovely if all that snow had not taken it off our calendars.  But I can ‘t even be all that mad because I really enjoyed those snow days, whether there was snow or not (ahem… two of our “ice” days were little more than drizzly).

So today is President’s Day.  This is not normally a holiday I get excited about, but my co-worker wanted to do something for her son’s class since they had to come to school today.  So I helped her get crafty and I’m not taking credit for these crafts because they are way beyond the amount of effort I would ever voluntarily put into President’s Day.  But it all turned out really cute!

So, I give you: President’s Day crafts

1) Penny Badges

Simple concept: a pin to wear on your shirt with a penny from your birth year.  To make the pennies shiny, we soaked them in vinegar and then scrubbed them with a toothbrush and salt.  Then we cut out a circle of green felt, attached the penny to the front with a hot glue gun, and then attached a pin back.

Here’s a really terrible iPhone picture of the front:

this is sideways because wordpress is being annoying, but you get the idea

And an equally terrible pictures of the back:


2.) Cupcake toppers

Print out pictures of presidents who are on currency.

Attach picture to a toothpick, and write some historical facts on the back.

Stick toothpick in cupcake.


Happy President’s Day, y’all!


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