Book Chat

February 2011

February always feels like such a long month for being so short… the weather’s iffy, work is dreary, life feels dull.  I’ve been trying to enjoy life as it comes, lately… but I have to admit that February has been a hard month.  It’s hard not to feel like I’ve had more setbacks with my health, and I’m anxious about Sam’s job-hunting, and it’s just all-around difficult for me to live normally, not knowing what will happen next!

And I definitely feel like I’m in a bit of a creative rut.  I haven’t been reading anything lately, and I don’t have any new craft projects.  Things will turn around, I know, but this month’s Reading Log is definitely skimpy because I haven’t been in the mood to read lately.  Mostly children’s lit for a pick-me-up.  But I think I’ll start a more substantial book from my To-Read List today or tomorrow, maybe Ape House.  I can always tell that I start to feel down if I stop reading.  Here’s hoping that March will be better!

So, word for word from my diary, my Reading Log for February 2011:

Title Start Finish Thoughts Grade/
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw (#3),
by Jeff Kinney
2/6/11 2/6/11 This one was fine—I still can’t really see what is so special about this series, other than the text/cartoon hybrid format.  Greg’s Dad wants him to act more manly—I guess I don’t understand that dynamic at all. B-
Is There Life After Death?,
by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
2/6/11 2/10/11 Very interesting lend from Mom.  Heavy accent really adds impact to the author’s own words.  Very thoughtful commutes—life, death, beyond.  I liked it; it was different but comforting too.  Not morbid, but thought provoking for sure. A
The 13 Clocks,
by James Thurber
2/7/11 2/8/11 Wow, delightful!  How have I never heard of this book before?  Perfect fairy tale—meant to be read aloud.  Definitely a keeper 🙂  Might need to find some more Thurber. A+
The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels,
by Ree Drummond
2/10/11 2/12/11 Perfect Valentine’s Day read!  Pretty sappy, of course.  Most of it was from her blog, but I didn’t care because I hadn’t read all of it.  It seemed a bit repetitive though, because on the blog she had to remind readers of what she’d written previously.  Her new material flowed much better—and for me, life after marriage was so much more interesting.  Much more realistic and funny—I guess that’s where I am in life now.  Sweet read! A-
Skinny Dip,
by Carl Hiassan
2/23/11 Still listening Audiobook
Half Magic,
by Edward Eager
2/26/11 2/27/11 Delightful children’s lit.  Must read more Eager.  I suppose this would be best read aloud to younger children.  Wonderful plot—four children find a wish-granting coin, but it only gives you half of your wish.  Really fun. A

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