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March 2010

A  year ago today… it was March 2010.  Life was getting pretty difficult emotionally, as I dealt with my own health and simultaneously watched my family cope with my Uncle Dave’s death.  It was a tough, tough month.  No surprise then that I turned to comforting re-reads from my past and didn’t have the patience to finish any books that didn’t appeal to me.  Life is too short to keep reading a book that I don’t get along with.

Without further ado, word-for-word from my diary, my Reading Log for March 2010:

Title Start Finish Thoughts Grade 


Little Women,
by Louisa May Alcott
3/11/10 3/30/10 Awful narrator.  Past her mechanical reading, sweet nostalgic re-read.  But more recording issues—paragraphs repeated over and over—terrible!  Love the story though. A 


One Hundred Years of Solitude,
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
3/11/10 I’ve heard great things, but I just did not see any magic in this.  Magic realism tends to irk me—I want it to be one or the other.  Every sentence was a story—too much.  Didn’t finish. N/A 


The Help,
by Katheryn Stockett
3/18/10 3/18/10 Wow.  Absolutely engrossing.  Read in a day.  Just riveting, and true, and sad, and thrilling to read and understand.  So uniquely Southern—the same, and different, and everything in between.  Would love to discuss. A+ 


Dicken’s Fur Coat and Charlotte’s Unanswered Letters,
by Daniel Pool
3/26/10 Eh… lost me towards the middle.  Trudged through with only about 30 pages to go, but sent it to without finishing.  Interesting, but not enough so. N/A 


Third Grade is Terrible,
by Barbara Baker
3/27/10 3/27/10 Doesn’t really count, but got interested in it at school.  Had to discard because first page was torn out.  I like how simple and straightforward chapter books are for young kids.  Cute. A 



One thought on “March 2010

  1. It is time for life to take a turn for the better. You have braved such storms. I have been awed by your strength.


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