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Necessary Reading

Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken.  And so, my Buy-No-Books Ban was lifted right after Spring Break as I bought some very necessary books:

San Francisco for Dummies, by Paula Tevis

NewComer’s Handbook for Moving to and Living in the San Francisco Bay Area: Including San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, and Palo Alto, by Scott Van Velsor

And… Dare to be Square Quilting, by Boo Davis.  I need some stress relief, y’all!

The internet is great, I know.  But sometimes it is just TOO MUCH.  Too much information, too many detours, too many distractions, too much fluff.  Sometimes I just need a book in my hands.  And some good people to talk to.

Can I just say right now how amazing people are?  Just when you think you are alone, that you are the only little Mississippian to ever travel across the country, amazing people start cropping up all around saying “Hey, I did it too!” and “I would love to give you some advice!” and “Don’t worry, I have people there!”

So I’ve been taking a break from the internet lately, and I’ve been reading my old-fashioned books and sewing my old-fashioned quilts and talking to actual people (via email, but still…) and I’ve been feeling a lot better about this cross-country move.  I can’t say that I don’t tear up when I think of leaving my friends and breaking my mother’s heart, but I am feeling a teeny-tiny bit better about this huge adventure that is about to unfold.

So, whether you missed me or not, I’m back!  Blogging shall now commence at its regularly scheduled programming 🙂


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