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My First Nine Patch

If you google “The Amazing, Disappearing, Fractured, Quartered Nine Patch” you will find a tutorial at a blog called Quilt Taffy.  I don’t know how I found this quilt block, but at some point within the last year or so that I’ve been interested in quilting, I found it and printed it out and over Spring Break, I finally put it together.  I love it!

Here’s the finished quilt top, with my feet sticking out at the bottom:

All it took were 5 fat quarters of coordinating fabric (I used a fish theme of red, blue, and brown from Moda’s Odysea line) and 1 yard of a solid fabric (I used a cotton called Mellow Yellow our local fabric store Fabriholics).

The original tutorial is a little more detailed, but since this block has been done a million times before, I don’t think it’s a problem if I give you a run-down of how I put it together:

First, sew three sets of 5″ strips. I just went by the pics from the tutorial, which translated into cutting as many 5″ strips as would fit from each fabric, then pairing a blue and red with the yellow in the middle for two strip sets, and two yellows with the brown that I wanted in the middle.  Here are the pics:

Cut the strips into 5″ pieces.

Press the seams, and sew each strip into your nine patch.

(it looks curved because they're resting on top of my sewing machine cover)

Now comes the fun part!

Cut the nine patch in half.

Then cut it again, so now you have quarters.

Now rotate two diagonal squares (in this case the blue squares) so they meet in the middle.  Ta-da!

That’s the block.  From my 5 fat quarters and 1 yard of fabric, I had enough for 12 blocks.  So I pressed the seams, sewed three blocks together to make a row,

then pressed the seams once more, and sewed the four rows together to make the quilt top.

Tali came by to have a look

Here’s the quilt top again, with both my feet and Cora’s butt included:

This was really quick and cute and boosted my confidence!  This is my second completed quilt top.  And if I find a pattern on the internet and pull together the fabric by myself and copy the pictures, I feel like I can start to take more risks and play around with fabric to make the projects that I’m interested in.

Now if I can just get my two quilt tops quilted, I would actually have a finished product…

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