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From Grandma’s Bag: Dr. DeSoto

This is a series on some of my favorite books from childhood—right out of my former librarian Grandma’s home.  They now hold places of honor on my one tiny bookcase in my tiny townhouse, and I fully intend to bring each one on the cross-country journey to California!

Dr. DeSoto, written and illustrated by William Steig

I really love this book!  Everything is clever—the details in the illustrations, the plot, the characters—I love it!  Dr. DeSoto is a mouse dentist who treats animals large and small.  But when a cunning fox needs treatment, Dr. DeSoto and his wife have to come up with a way to stay safe while still fixing his dental problem.  When my Grandma read it to me, she would always point out the illustration with the two sets of stairs—regular stairs for large animals and tiny stairs for small animals; every single time she would say, “I just think that’s so clever!”  It still makes me smile.  This book will just have to make it into a box bound for California!


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