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From Grandma’s Bag: Herbie’s Troubles

This is a series on some of my favorite books from childhood—right out of my former librarian Grandma’s home.  They now hold places of honor on my one tiny bookcase in my tiny townhouse, and I fully intend to bring each one on the cross-country journey to California!

Herbie’s Troubles, written by Carol Chapman; illustrated by Kelly Oechsli

I can’t find this book in print online, but it’s a great book.  Herbie loves school until a bully starts making his life miserable—that mean ole Jimmy John.

Everyone gives his different advice—tell him to stop, fight him, give him a present.

But none of it works for Herbie, until he just starts ignoring the bully.  And then mean ole Jimmy John loses interest and leaves him alone.   Maybe in these modern times, that’s not the advice a book would give children, but it sure worked for me.  Non-confrontational, simple, effective—no wonder I loved to hear this book over and over as a child.  Three cheers for Herbie!  This book just has to make into one of those boxes bound for California!


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