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From Grandma’s Bag: Everybody Cooks Rice

This is a series on some of my favorite books from childhood—right out of my former librarian Grandma’s home.  They now hold places of honor on my one tiny bookcase in my tiny townhouse, and I fully intend to bring each one on the cross-country journey to California!

Everybody Cooks Rice, written by Norah Dooley; illustrated by Peter J. Thornton

Re-reading this book, there is actually not a lot of plot—big sister Carrie must round up her brother for dinner, so she goes to her neighbors’ houses to find him.

You might have guessed it by now—each house she visits contains a family from a different ethnic background and they are all cooking a different version of rice.

Sometimes it does not take a complicated plot and vibrant characters to make a story enticing to children—I still love this book because it is simple, interesting, and makes a point.  Kids love messages about differences and unity, and I love this soothing book—it’s definitely making the journey to California.


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