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From Grandma’s Trunk: With Love from Gran

This is a series on some of my favorite books from childhood—right out of my former librarian Grandma’s home.  They now hold places of honor on my one tiny bookcase in my tiny townhouse, and I fully intend to bring each one on the cross-country journey to California!

With Love from Gran, written & illustrated by Dick Gackenbach

A wonderful book for Grandparents and grandchildren who are far away from each other.  This is not about an elderly grandparent, but a hip travelling Gran.

She sends home presents from amazing parts of the world, but the very best present of all—you guessed it—is the hug she gives when she comes home.

This reminds me of my family a lot, because we’ve always lived far away from my Mom’s side of the family and on my Dad’s side my Uncle Brad has always travelled far and wide and sent us such interesting post cards and presents.  Actually, I have another uncle who always sends interesting post cards from his travels, and my Dad always finds neat post cards and souvenirs from his business travels too (Japan and Hawaii are my favorites!).  So no wonder this was a childhood favorite, an oft-requested read aloud, and currently at home on my To-Pack List.


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