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Follow me to France… In the Air

It’s funny what you find while packing… I found my journal from my first (and only) experience abroad.  I was 18.  It was the summer of 2005.  I liked emoticons.  Join me on my journey!  I promise to stay true to my written word, for better or worse!

First page of Journal:

Katie Hanson’s Trip to Europe!

~July 3 through July 12, 2005~

Sunday, July 3, 2005; 7:30 PM (Central time)

Well here I am, in the air!

The stats:
Passengers on board: 240
Flight time: 7 hours, 40 minutes
Delayed time: 45 minutes
Expected arrival: 9:40 AM (Paris time)

For dinner:
Breast of chicken “accented by Tarragon sauce, with scalloped potatoes and a vegetable medley”
bread and butter”
cheese and crackers


I’m looking forward to everything—the meal, the movie (Ice Princess, but others as well—every seat has a tv screen!), the ARRIVAL.

For breakfast, there is fruit, a granola bar, orange juice, and a “warm croissant with butter and preserves”!

Uncle Brad and I were sharing a row with a man going to see the Tour de France, but he moved to give us room since all of the seats aren’t occupied.

The couple in front of us has three kids, and the mother is rather paranoid—the first thing she did was to ask the bike man to move his luggage from the overhead storage to one across the aisle, since, in an accident, the baggage could fall and kill her child.  :O  She seems ok now—her children are all bilingual and chattering back and forth in both French and English.

The movie is about to begin, so I shall continue when—and I can hardly believe it still—I am in FRANCE! 😀

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