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The Urge has Returned

Waaaay back in January, when I was in the resolution–er, goal–setting mood, I promised–no, VOWED–not to buy any more books until I had read all the un-read books on my bookshelf.  I stuck to my goal pretty well, reading 11 books from the bookshelf by March.  And then we all know what happened in March–Sam… Continue reading The Urge has Returned

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Something Catchy About Getting What You Ask For

Be Careful What You Wish For… The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…. STUFF… Let the Chaos Begin… Did I Really Think Seven Boxes of Books Was a Good Idea? All possible blog post titles for today, until I gave up on being witty… in other words: the movers came!! As soon as I’d… Continue reading Something Catchy About Getting What You Ask For

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Mini-Mission: Closet Shelves

I’m here in SF (code for San Francisco, but you already knew that) and my day-to-day life… is not that jam-packed.  Our moving van hasn’t arrived yet, so we’re basically camping…. but with plumbing and running water (the best way to camp).  Sam and I are living out of our suitcases, and the living room… Continue reading Mini-Mission: Closet Shelves