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Follow me to London… In the Air Again

It’s funny what you find while packing… I found my journal from my first (and only) experience abroad.  I was 18.  It was the summer of 2005.  I liked emoticons.  Join me on my journey!  I promise to stay true to my written word, for better or worse!  This is the last post in the series.  Hope you enjoyed the journey!

~Tuesday, July 12, 2005~
2:10 PM (London time)

We are in flight now—over the sea—and gone from Europe! 😦

Everything’s been wonderful.  And now, I’m just hours away from home, which I’m also excited about.  Thank goodness there is so much to look forward to in life, or Starkville would seem a very drab homecoming.  But there is family and friends and work and Harry Potter VI coming out, and all manner of new books to read and things to do.

So, in my present state of no regrets, yay for Life!


And that concludes this series!  Hope you enjoyed reading about my first (and only) European journey the summer after my high school graduation.  I had fun reliving the experience!

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