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Welcome to the City, Kountry Katie

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, I have arrived in the Big City!

Before I arrived in San Francisco (I am going to trust that everyone can figure out my code when I refer to the City as SF from now on), I had no idea what to expect.  Sam came over on May 1 and it was his task to figure out public transportation, start his first full-time job, and find an apartment.  I gave him the super-human deadline of May 15, and he signed a lease on May 16th 🙂  The location is wonderful, with shops and restaurants galore and a quick commute for Sam.  So I shouldn’t be too critical of the outdated kitchen… with no dishwasher… tiny one bedroom… and laundry in the basement…. right?

Let me take you on a quick tour…

The Bedroom
The Living Room
The Kitchen

And that’s about it! (I figured you didn’t care about the bathroom all that much.)

Living in the SF is a HUGE lifestyle change… instead of hopping in my car, I walk or get on public transportation; instead of eating out at a chain restaurant, there are tons of local restaurants; instead of shopping at Wal-Mart or Kroger, I can walk to a local grocery store or Whole Foods.  And even though we are currently living out of our suitcases with a blow-up mattress, I know that we will eventually make this tiny apartment our home.  And even though I am battling major homesickness for my old way of life and all the wonderful people that I left behind, I am learning to love this new city and the opportunities that are opening up to me.

So I guess I can say that this Amateur Librarian has officially moved to San Francisco, CA!  Hope you enjoy the new environment!

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