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Mini-Mission: Closet Shelves

I’m here in SF (code for San Francisco, but you already knew that) and my day-to-day life… is not that jam-packed.  Our moving van hasn’t arrived yet, so we’re basically camping…. but with plumbing and running water (the best way to camp).  Sam and I are living out of our suitcases, and the living room echoes whenever we walk through it to the kitchen.  I don’t have a job… and I’m not looking for one right now.

I’m trying to view my first month (or two) here as my well-deserved summer vacation.  I’ve worked long hours at a demanding job for nine months, and I am being paid to take it easy for two months.  So, I could be looking for a job and I could be feeling anxious because I don’t have a purpose to my days, but I’m not.  I’m exploring my new city and once our material things arrive, I’ll be making a home out of chaos.

But.  Let’s not forget who I am, here.  I am not the type to sleep in until noon and lounge around and stay up all night.  I do, indeed, need some structure and purpose in my life.  So, I am trying to be relaxed and spontaneous, but I give myself mini-missions each day.  Today’s mini-mission: closet shelves.


hallway closet


Pretty good, I’d say, considering I had no idea what I was doing!  I got all the brackets of like size together, matched them to the appropriate shelves, and then spaced them out on the wall brackets.  I have no idea what I will store in this closet… the shelves lend themselves to linens, but I know that I will need a lot of storage to make up for the attic space that I’ve lost.  Maybe I should invest in some more fabric cubes…. Well, that’s a mini-mission for another day 🙂

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