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Something Catchy About Getting What You Ask For

Be Careful What You Wish For… The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…. STUFF… Let the Chaos Begin… Did I Really Think Seven Boxes of Books Was a Good Idea?

All possible blog post titles for today, until I gave up on being witty… in other words: the movers came!!

As soon as I’d written about my mini-mission to build shelves in the hall closet, the moving company called.  Informing me that they could come THE VERY NEXT DAY, and could I please ask my property manager to block off some parking spaces for the truck?  I haven’t lived in SF for very long, but I do know that PARKING IS PRECIOUS.  For instance, this sign is just one variation of many signs in the neighborhood:

So I called my landlady and she basically laughed in my face about reserving two parking spaces on such short notice.   (To be perfectly fair, she later called me and let me know that she had very sweetly parked her own car in front of the building so that we could use it in the morning if needed.  I couldn’t understand most of her English, but she really did go above & beyond to try to help.)  She recommended I call our local police department, who handles parking permits–did you know that it takes over a week to get a permit to park a moving van??  And you have to pay about $200.  But the moving guys said not to worry… and miracle of miracles, they found parking right in front of our building!  Seriously, an angel of parking was looking out for us.

So… the moving commenced.  The only hiccup was the couch.  It was too big, the angle of the hallway too narrow, the doorway too small and the hinges too old to be removed easily.  The end result being… no couch.  Into storage it goes, until we can decide what to do… sell it for the cost of the storage, or ship it back to MS to Sam’s family.  I’m leaving that one up to them.  As for the rest of the move, it went very smoothly.  The movers were very professional and quick, and now… Welcome to Boxland.  The silver lining to the couch fiasco is that there’s actually room for all the boxes in the living room!

And the opposite of a silver lining… a black lining?… is that my afternoon’s hard work of organizing the hall closet all went to waste.  The very first thing I did when confronted with all the boxes in the living room was to take down every single shelf in that closet to make room for boxes that I won’t be able to unpack in the immediate future.  So… there’s always lessons to be learned, right?  Sometimes you just can’t plan ahead for everything.

And now I have two days to get this place in some semblance of order before my Mom comes to visit.  I’m glad she doesn’t mind a blow-up mattress (it’s really very comfortable, we promise!) & a room full of boxes.

First up: the kitchen.  I think I will feel immensely more comfortable if my kitchen is in order.  Then, in order of priority: closets, bedroom, office desk, TV/speakers.  Wish me luck!!!

3 thoughts on “Something Catchy About Getting What You Ask For

  1. I started with the kitchen, too! After a little over 2 months, we are finally alllll unpacked, included having re-organized the walk-in closet once already.

    P.S. When we moved from Huntsville, we had to take the front door off its hinges to get the couch out. Luckily it was much easier on the other end.


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