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The Joys of Renting

I actually do mean the title of this post with no sarcasm at all.  Here’s a quick story about how we got a renovated bathroom through no effort or money of our own… 🙂

It all started with the toilet paper roll holder… it was broken when I arrived in SF.  It did not exactly improve my confidence in our new city apartment when I peeked into our bathroom to find the toilet paper roll holder not attached to the wall, the toilet seat barely hanging on by one hinge, and the old sink with a crack across the front.

When the landlady came by to give me my set of keys, I mentioned the toilet roll holder.  Her husband came by the next day to fix it.  Voila… new toilet paper roll holder!

As he was getting up, he leaned on the toilet lid and it flew off!  The other hinge had broken.  I was horrified but… brand new toilet seat!

And then a couple days ago, Sam leaned on the sink and it fell off the wall!  We frantically turned off the water and looked around for something to prop up the sink so it wouldn’t fall all the way down.

Finally, a use for those awful metal speaker stands!  It was the perfect height.

The poor landlord came over (on Father’s Day!) to look at the sink.  He came by again the next day with a brand new sink to replace the old one.  Voila!

So now… we have a renovated bathroom at no cost to ourselves!  Now that’s why you rent! 🙂

One thought on “The Joys of Renting

  1. And that is exactly why we haven’t bought a house yet. Well…it’s one of the big reasons. We want a house, but we don’t want to take on complete maintenance of a house at this point. It’s a no-win situation.


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