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City Sights

The best part so far of moving to San Francisco?  The walking!

Walking to the famous sites is great, of course, but it’s the everyday surprises around every corner that I love the most.  The architecture of Nob Hill, the little cafes on every corner, the faces on the buses, beautiful flowers and trees along the streets, a variety of dogs and their owners.  Finding a mini-park where there once was an alley (presumably) between houses, hearing music down the street and discovering an Indian wedding dance, stumbling upon a street festival in North Beach.

Here are a few pics of the everyday sights of the city, taken on my iPhone while strolling the streets.  Enjoy 🙂

an apartment doorway... wonder who the original family was


a yard (uncommon) with beautiful flowers
a hill so steep that stairs are built into the sidewalks
architecture on our block
an angry note and a chill response--posted on every tree down the street
the floor of City Lights bookstore... maybe it used to be a photography shop?
downstairs in City Lights bookstore
Washington Square in the North Beach neighborhood... a beautiful morning in the 60's
a really cool apartment building gate
a beautiful Indian wedding with thumping music heard down the street and a bridal dance taking place outside

More city sights coming soon, from a brand-new San Franciscan straight to you!

2 thoughts on “City Sights

  1. looks like you’re keeping busy and having fun the architecture is lovely is it from the art deco period? They had such nice things then. Hope you didn’t buy any books at that book store!


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