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Good Night San Francisco

I’ve been trying to think about how to write on this blog about the tourist sights that I’ve been visiting recently.  Each weekend Sam and I explore new territory, for a week Mom was here and we went on a new adventure every day, and my BFF Heather is coming this week for another few days of sightseeing (and talking nonstop, of course).  And of course, I take forty million pictures along the way with my trusty point-and-shoot camera and on my iPhone.  But I don’t really want to address every little detail (I’ve forgotten a lot already) and I don’t just want to show a bunch of pictures (you can friend me on Facebook to see those).  So I’ve been thinking about how to approach the inevitable Newcomers-Guide-to-San-Francisco-Tourist-Sights aspect of this blog, and I thought of a great way to quickly structure some of the sights we’ve seen: the board book Good Night San Francisco, written by Adam Gamble and illustrated by Santiago Cohen.

The back story: one of my coworkers at my old job (yikes, past tense!) found this perfectly appropriate children’s book at a random garage sale.  It is brand new, obviously never used, and the perfect checklist for all the famous sites (and sights) of the city!

It goes a little something like…

“Good Morning, San Francisco Bay.
Good Morning, sea lions.  Are we ready to share a wonderful day?
Good morning, Golden Gate Bridge.
Good morning, children, playing on the beach.
It’s nice to see you, cable cars, rumbling up and down the hills.”

And so on.  I actually went through and wrote down all the sights that it lists to see in San Francisco, and thought I’d share a picture or two of the places I’ve seen so far.  The rest are still on the checklist!

1. San Francisco Bay: check!

2. sea lions: check!

3. Golden Gate bridge: check!

4. playing on the beach
5. cable cars: check!

6. Lombard Street: check… mostly… my picture is cheating a little bit… we found the tippy top with cars lining up to descend, but we did not go down to get the view.

7. Stow Lake: check!

8. windmill
9. playground
10. Flower Conservatory

11. Golden Gate Park

12. kites
13. seal rocks
14. Cliff House
15. aquarium
16. Exploratorium
17. historic ships: check!

18. submarine
19. fishing boats: check!

20. Fisherman’s Wharf: check!  (See above.)
21. Palace of Fine Arts
22. the Thinker
23. Pacific Ocean
24. redwood trees: check!

25. Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill

Hope you enjoyed a few pics.  I’ve gotten to 12 of the 25 famous sights from the book.  This might be a fun post to re-visit as I check more places off the list.

I don’t see the Castro listed anywhere in the book though, hmmm…..

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