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BFF to SF!

My BFF Heather is coming to SF!

I’m SUPERduper excited.  We have been planning this trip since March–I didn’t know if we’d have a roof over our heads or a bed to sleep on in June, but it has all worked out in the end.  The timing is actually working out to be a blessing–I had no idea this surgery would be  happening–at all–or so soon, so it will be such a comfort to have my BFF here to catch up, talk non-stop, and take on the city!

Heather is an awesome friend to host at this time, because she’s seen SF before so she doesn’t have to do all the touristy places (although those are fun too!) and really wants to explore the neighborhoods and focus on catching up on our friendship.  I wrote up a tentative itinerary, but I don’t think we’ll follow it to the letter.  In fact, I think we will probably choose a different neighborhood each day, hop on the bus over there, and then wander to our heart’s content, eating whatever we fancy along the way!  And set in stone: seeing Mo Mandel in a comedy club, going on a shuttle tour of Napa Valley, and meeting up with a former Starkvillian (what a small world!) at the Ferry Building to ogle the farmer’s market (I bought a picnic blanket!).

Can you tell I’m about to bubble over with excitement?!  I think this is exactly what I need–an old friend and a new city and my health in the furthest recesses of my mind.  So I might be absent for a couple days… gathering more experiences to write about 🙂

Welcome to San Francisco, Heather!

One thought on “BFF to SF!

  1. Can’t wait to read all about your adventures with Heather! I LOVE the pics featuring the architecture. I’m sure there will be more as you wander the neighborhoods.


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