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Oops, I Organized Again

I LOVE my new bookshelves.  In our first little apartment, I had no space for books, just one cheaply made squat bookcase from dear old Wal-Mart.  I had room to display some of my favorite children’s books, but mostly stocked it with chapter books that I had collected but not yet read.  (For more overanalyzing… Continue reading Oops, I Organized Again

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A Space to Create

When we moved across the country to San Francisco, I expected to spend about a month unpacking and settling in.  Enjoy my hard-earned summer, and then get down to business.  I figured that by the time July rolled around, I’d be going a little stir-crazy at home and would be more than ready to start… Continue reading A Space to Create

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More Magic in the Mail: Harry Potter Edition

Well, it’s no secret that I am a huge Harry Potter fan–I don’t think I’ll ever be part of a reading revolution quite like that again. I was the perfect age–the first couple books were published when I was in middle school, and so I grew up anticipating the next book and movie to be… Continue reading More Magic in the Mail: Harry Potter Edition

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Art on the Wall

I don’t know about you, but 2011 has been crazy so far!  Crazy weather, crazy job hunting ups and downs, crazy health, crazy job finding, crazy multiple graduations, and now I’ve moved across the country to SF and had major surgery… whew!  About an eternity ago, it was Christmas time.  And at that time, I… Continue reading Art on the Wall

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Reading Right Now: July 2011

I’ve tried a few different ways of sharing what I’m reading on this blog, mainly through posting my monthly Reading Log… but I basically stopped reading anything at all during our move, so that made the whole chart-thing a little sparse.  I still keep up with it in a document on my computer, but for… Continue reading Reading Right Now: July 2011

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A Work in Progress

As much as it would please me to have a beautiful kitchen worthy of a magazine, what I am really appreciating these days is a real life, working kitchen.  It’s not always clutter-free or spic-and-span or color-coordinated, but it makes this apartment feel like a home. With my new low-residue diet and illeostomy bag, I’m… Continue reading A Work in Progress