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Search and Ye Shall Find the Amateur Librarian

When I was thinking up questions for my blogiversary giveaway, I wanted to know how people found my blog.  I wasn’t surprised that the majority was from word of mouth/friend with a few through Twitter/Facebook, but no one chose “goodgle search.”  I didn’t really expect anyone to, but I was curious.  Wordpress has a handy… Continue reading Search and Ye Shall Find the Amateur Librarian

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The Worst Quiche Ever

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about blogging, it’s this: it’s always better, with a more genuine outcome, to write about what’s happened naturally rather than trying to force something to happen just so you can write about it.  I find that this is especially true with food (need I remind you of my epic… Continue reading The Worst Quiche Ever

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Road to Tennessee Quilt

Thanks for your input on my Road to Tennessee quilt, everyone! First, the background:  I’ve been looking for a quilt project for a while… in books, magazines, online, projects I saved for my idea notebook.  I bought some charm packs and scrap fabric from eBay, and I had two charm packs (a set of 5… Continue reading Road to Tennessee Quilt

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To Scan or Not to Scan?

I’ve been organizing photos since high school.  I started filling bulky photo albums, painstakingly developing rolls of film each month and then adding dates and descriptions for every photo.  I now have six of these albums–the discontinuation roughly correlates with my marriage over two years ago, when things just got too busy to develop prints.… Continue reading To Scan or Not to Scan?

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Reading Right Now: August 2011

I like to read a few different books at a time, especially now that all I’ve got is time!  Here’s what I’m reading right now: Breakfast book: The Annotated Sense and Sensibility, edited by David Shappard I started this a couple months ago, but I just couldn’t concentrate.  I was a little worried I was… Continue reading Reading Right Now: August 2011

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I Need Your Help: Road to Tennessee Quilt

I’ve started a new quilting project! Very exciting to actually get started–I’ve spent so many hours over the past week or so thinking about different projects, and then when I finally FINALLY picked one out–then, there’s the math.  Ugh, the math.  I was actually all set to go on one quilt block, had the math… Continue reading I Need Your Help: Road to Tennessee Quilt

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Sewing Supplies: Organized

San Francisco is just like Mississippi in one respect: put your unwanted furniture outside, and it will magically disappear!  I got rid of a headboard and two tables this way during our move, and our upstairs neighbors here in SF had the same idea.  We rescued this little shelf unit–with its odd proportions, I’m not… Continue reading Sewing Supplies: Organized

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Craft Books I Drool Over: August 2011 Update

With a few weeks left before my next surgery, I am brimming with ideas for my sewing machine.  I’ve spent hours looking for new projects, browsing online and through the crafty books that I already own.  I probably won’t attempt half the projects that I’ve found, but looking and plotting is half the fun.  And,… Continue reading Craft Books I Drool Over: August 2011 Update