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Living Room Art

If Bedroom Art is private, then Living Room Art is necessarily public.  It’s not quite a first impression, like the (in our case) hallway that leads to it, but it’s still the place that guests are probably going to spend the most time viewing.  And subtly judging you–no, not necessarily in a bad way, but still–what you put on your walls, your furniture, the arrangement of everything is definitely reflective of your priorities and personality.  So, no pressure or anything.

But my living rooms is also the space that I spend a lot of time actually living in, so it’s important to me to be surrounded by things that I truly love, not things that are supposed to impress people.  Especially now, when I’m in forced captivity, spending a lot more time in the same three rooms than I ever expected!

Mom and I have been playing the Art Game , holding up frames in various places around the house and asking, “What about here?  Does that work?  What do you think of the colors?  What if we added something next to it?”  And now we have finally started hanging things up on the wall.  I’m really bad at making decisions, but once they are made and the nail has been hammered, it’s so instantly satisfying!

First off, let’s remember the living room before even the movers came:

And now, a look at what is on the walls:

Above the couch are the two prints by Mississippi artist Kate Thomas (her blog is here, and you can read about these two prints’ travels from MS to CA here).  I was worried that they wouldn’t be big enough to fill the wall, but I think the couch is a good space frame, and I like how it all came together.  Love those quotes!

Over by Sam’s desk, we just had to hang our darling cats’ portraits.  Now Sam can gaze adoringly into their faces any time he misses them, and what a reminder of the awesome talent of his sister Shelley Clair! (read about how the Cora and Tali portraits came to be here)

I also hung the paper cutting here, mostly because I didn’t know where else to put it, but I think it goes well with everything else.  Tried to keep it simple, since Sam doesn’t like a lot of clutter (although you wouldn’t be able to tell that by his desk. Ahem.)

We decided not to hang anything over the TV (CA is known for its earthquakes, after all…) but we put up some picture frames around the room, and the living room feels mostly complete now.  I just noticed that almost all of our photos are from the wedding… is that a bad thing?

I am the first to agree that a home is always a work in progress–it’s never done, which is a good thing.  Tastes change, inspiration hits, you find a great new something that you want to display.  But for now, I am really happy with the way things are looking.

Stay tuned as more art is hung, room by room!

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