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Rummaging for Inspiration

One day while Mom was still here, we were outside walking down the street looking for a deli Mom had seen earlier.  We walked right past it, and just when we decided to turn back I noticed an upholstery store that I’d seen before and had always wanted to get a look inside.  The store wasn’t anything like I expected–I thought maybe it would have curtains and home decor, but it was filled with bolts of fabric used to cover furniture.  As soon as we walked in, two huge bloodhounds bounded for the door and the owner shouted for us to close the door… quite a first impression!  We glanced around while the owner helped another customer, and were about to leave when the owner asked what we were looking for… we didn’t really have an answer to that, but told her we had thought there might be different kinds of fabric.  “Oh, I’ve got lots of fabric,” the owner assured us.  “Come downstairs with me.”

Downstairs was a  cluttered mismash of everything from upholstered furniture to antique tables filled with china to bolts of fabric.  She left us alone with baskets of fabric samples at $2 a piece.  There was fabric everywhere–in bolts, in piles, on shelves, draped over furniture, mounds of it everywhere.  Most of the samples were too thick for my purposes–I’d probably break a needle trying to quilt through fabric meant for a sofa.  But even though I didn’t think I’d find much at first, looking through heaps of fabric is too addicting to pass up.  I just love the different colors and textures of fabric, and it’s impossible not to start fantasizing about matching colors together from different fabrics for some future project.  I looked for 100% cotton and soon had a small pile, including two linen samples that were too pretty to leave behind, and one sample that was big enough to be a tablecloth for my kitchen table.

100% Cotton
Linen sample, big enough to be a tablecloth!

Upstairs, we started talking to the owner and she was genuinely nice and interesting.  She even wrote down my name and number, promising to call  when (or if) she ever organizes all the fabric downstairs.  It just goes to show that you never know what you might find, and it was nice to connect to someone in this new city.  I have a feeling I will definitely be returning to rummage for inspiration in the future.

2 thoughts on “Rummaging for Inspiration

  1. You know what you were thinking about looking for a job right! There is your answer. You like things in order you like fabric… When you get better this could be a really great job for you!!! you might even get an employee discount! Just think of the things you could do with fabric then!


  2. You have a great eye – those are all gorgeous! I always get overwhelmed by that much fabric and probably would’ve started backing away when I saw how much was in the store. I agree, you definitely could use this talent/interest of yours for something… if nothing else than finding amazing fabrics and making awesome things out of them. I have some friends who make their livings off Etsy doing similar things…


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