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Sewing Machine Sampler

Last week I officially unearthed my sewing machine and set up shop in my new space by the window.  Actually, I asked Sam to help me set everything up minutes after Mom left for the airport and before he had to go to work… and no, I wasn’t trying to kick everyone out, I just knew I would need to keep busy so I didn’t have a total emotional meltdown.  And it worked!  I’ve really enjoyed having my machine up and running, and my mind equally as busy planning new projects.

I haven’t seen my BFF in several months, so we had to get reacquainted.  I decided to make a sewing machine sampler to try out all those decorative stitches that my machine can sew but that I’ve never had any reason to use.  My Brother CS6000i has 60 different stitch functions, but I normally only use about 2 of them.

So this was fun to play around and see what the machine can do.

Can’t say I was too impressed with some of the embroidery stitches compared to hand embroidery, but again… I don’t normally ever use the decorative stitches, and I just wanted to see what the machine can do.

Now I can refer to my sampler if I ever need to use a decorative stitch and want to see what it looks like on fabric.

I used blue thread on a plain white handkerchief… but then I ran out of handkerchief.  I could only fit stitches #0 – #50, without the buttonhole functions.  As I finished each stitch, I kept track of the number for future reference.

I fit #51-#60 on a second handkerchief and ran low on blue thread, so I tried red but forgot that the thread was for hand quilting… not a good idea for a machine.  All I had left was some pale pink thread… it didn’t show up very well, but served its purpose.

I didn’t mess with the tension or stitch length, so I definitely had some puckering problems.

I had fun getting back in the sewing saddle!

4 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Sampler

  1. Nice sampler! What does the lightning bolt stitch do? how does it work on stretch fabrics please? i am glad you posted showing the stitches, i like some but am not as impresed with others. But i need stretch stiches for fitted jersey dresses and am new to sewing so i appreciate all tips on what names of stretch stitches i should look for. Thank you 🙂


    1. That’s a good question! Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat! I mostly use the seeing machine for quilting and simple sewing projects, I’ve never worked with apparel fabric before. Good luck!


  2. This was very helpful. I’m trying to reverse engineer the stitch files used to make those stitches and high res images that let me see the actual needle penetrations was decidedly very useful.


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