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The Very First Blogiversary Giveaway Winner!

Here we are, the very first blogiversary for Amateur Librarian!

Hard to believe it’s been a year… I’ve been trying to remember exactly why I started blogging on August 16, 2010, and I think the reason was… boredom.  I was a couple weeks into my second school year as an elementary school librarian, and while that job was certainly consuming, I felt like I needed some sort of outlet outside of work.  After thinking about starting a blog for a few days, I told Sam about it and he asked, “What in the world would you write about?”  I didn’t want to write strictly about my career, so I thought of what I like to do… read, cross stitch, knit occasionally, experiment with my new sewing machine, enjoy children’s literature.  And I like to write.  Thus, The Amateur Librarian was born.

But I know that you just raced right through that because what you really want to find out is who the winner is!  But you’ll just have to be patient, because first I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated…and I have to overanalyze the poll results first!  Sorry if anything was confusing, this is my first time messing around with the poll feature.  I really do appreciate everyone’s input and comments!

I really learned a lot too–how to make my next polls better worded/functioning, for one thing–but also, what you think about the blog!  Bear with me for a sec while I break down those six questions and tell you what I got from your input!

Question #1: How old are you?

With 70% of votes going in the ages 20-29 slot, I’d say most of you readers are my peers.  I’d venture a guess that almost everyone else is probably a friend of my most loyal reader, my Mom 🙂

Question #2: How did you find this blog?

I really should have offered more options here–specifically, finding me through a comment on another blog or straight from me–thanks for pointing that out!  Word of mouth/From a friend was the clear majority with 60%, and no one admits to finding me through a search engine.  One day I’ll have to do a post about some of the crazy ways that people find me through Google searches; some of the search terms are very entertaining/bizarre.

Question #3: What type of posts do you like to read most?

I’m happy to see that 70% of you like to read about Life, since that’s about all I’ve got for you lately.  Only one vote for career–my apologies to that person, because I don’t know when I’ll be able to revive that category!  But, as some said, you could only pick one answer; so I shouldn’t necessarily equate a lack of votes to mean disliking the other categories.  Such as Reading!

Question #4: What kind of posts would you like to see more of on this blog?

Even split here between Reading, Crafting, and Life, which makes me happy!  Although I thought it was funny that no one liked reading posts about Reading, but a few wanted to see more posts about it.  But then again, I have to remind myself that these polls are definitely limited by only being able to choose one multiple-choice option.

Question #5: Now that I am no longer an employed librarian, should I change the title of my blog?

72% say no, 27% say maybe–so the obvious choice is: no change!  That’s a relief, since I am no good at coming up with cute, catchy titles.  I’m still not sure about the wisdom of putting an easy-to-misspell word like amateur in the url, but I can’t handle the stress of coming up with a new name!  Thank you for letting me off the hook!  As Laura said in the poll comments, some people are born librarians whether that’s their current profession or not.  I love that!

Question #6: What career should I pursue in San Francisco?

I really wish I could’ve left this one blank, to see what you thought without any prompting from me.  There was another even split between Librarian/Teaching/Publishing, with a minority for Hippy!  I am really at a loss as to what I’d even enjoy doing, and I still have no idea what I’ll be looking for when all this sickness/healing is done–I have excuses for why I can’t do any of the above: an MLIS is necessary for most library jobs; I need to get my CA teaching licence to pursue Education and I never felt very comfortable teaching; I have no idea if I have the qualifications or how to get into the impenetrable publishing business.  So the boring option that no one picked–executive assistant–is probably what I’ll be looking into first, but who knows!  There are a lot of opportunities in a big place like San Fran, I just have to find them.

Again, THANK YOU for answering the above questions; I had so much fun checking the results every day and overanalyzing every vote!  As I’m writing this, it is now midnight and I’m officially closing off entry for the giveaway.  There were 20 total votes, but only 17 comments. (Sorry if it was confusing to enter through the extra step of commenting rather than through the poll itself… I didn’t know how else to do it because the votes are anonymous.)

To keep it totally objective and fair, I will use a random number generator to choose the winner.

And the winner is…. (drum roll)… (suspenseful music)…

That means the lucky winner is commenter #12… Emily L, is the WINNER!!!  Woohoo!!
Congrats!  Emily is one of my best-loved mother figures in real life, and she totally deserves to be the lucky lady!
And what did our lucky lady win?
(no drum roll this time… let’s take a minute to lower our expectations, shall we?  Remember, this is homemade.  Ok.  Now prepare to be amazed.)

A set of quilted coasters, made by yours truly!  I already know Emily’s address, having sent oodles of letters to her daughter over the years (including a phase of letters written in code and even invisible ink), so look for your prize soon, coming in the mail!

Tomorrow I’ll show you how I made the coasters, so you can make them too!

Congrats again to Emily, and THANK YOU to everyone who reads this little blog that has come to mean so much to me over the past year.  I should really say, thank you for indulging my free therapy!

4 thoughts on “The Very First Blogiversary Giveaway Winner!

  1. This is so unexpected. I really can’t believe I won. I am so excited! Wow, Katie, the coasters are absolutely beautiful! I will cherish them all the more because they were made by you.


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