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Quilted Coasters

Congrats again to Emily for winning my very first blogiversary giveaway!  I found this idea for quilted coasters online and wanted to give them a try–they’re super easy and they gave me some more practice using the walking foot on my sewing machine.  It’s great practice if you are a beginning quilter like me!

I found this tutorial on some time last year when I was browsing her craft projects.  There’s another tutorial at Moda’s Bake Shop, but I used Martha’s instructions as my reference.  It’s super-duper easy: cut out a rectangle, fold it in half, sew up two sides, put some batting in the middle, and quilt.

Here’s the process in pictures:

Step One: measure and cut 10" x 5" for one coaster
Step Two: Measure and cut 4" square pieces of batting
Step Three: fold fabric in half, right sides together, and sew two sides, leaving one side open
Step Four: clip corners
Step Five: turn inside out and stuff with batting (this part is really annoying, but perfection is not necessary!)
(Step 6) Stuffed with batting
Step Seven: Fold open side inside, over the batting; this side will be closed during the quilting process (I used a paperclip to keep it in place)
Step Eight: Start quilting on a side adjacent to the open edge; at each corner, lift presser foot and rotate 90 degrees to continue quilting the next side; quilt concentric squares until you reach the center
Instant hostess gift in under 30 minutes

I love this little project because it’s simple and useful–who couldn’t use an extra coaster or two?  I’m saving one set for myself–they are already scattered on side tables in the bedroom and living room–but the rest will probably become gifts.

And, of course, the only limit is your imagination–you can choose any color fabric for your decor, any type of fabric (in my endeavor, 100% cotton sewed up best, I liked the look of linen the best, and lower-quality fabrics proved tricky with a lot of snagged threads), and you can quilt it any way you like.  Martha suggested concentric squares, which I thought looked really cool, and Moda showed how to quilt stars, shapes, and even letters onto the coasters.

Hope you enjoy these quilted coasters!

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