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Craft Books I Drool Over: August 2011 Update

With a few weeks left before my next surgery, I am brimming with ideas for my sewing machine.  I’ve spent hours looking for new projects, browsing online and through the crafty books that I already own.  I probably won’t attempt half the projects that I’ve found, but looking and plotting is half the fun.  And, of couse, drooling over new books!  It’s a sickness, I swear.

First, the three books that I already own that I am currently obsessed with:

Crazy Shortcut Quilts, by Marguerita McManus and Sarah Raffuse

I am definitely making one of these–it’s like making a crazy quilt the cheater way, but the end result is really neat.  You quilt as you go with decorative stitches on your machine– I’ve always wanted to actually use those, especially since experimenting with my sewing machine sampler!  Plus, I have the perfect fabric in mind… but I still have to pick which one to do.

City Quilts: 12 Dramatic Projects Inspired by Urban Views, by Cherri House

A beautiful book that came in a surprise package from a family friend!  Thank you, Emily!  (Coincidentally, the very same Emily who won the blogiversary giveaway!  And no, it was not rigged, I promise!)  Really interesting color combinations, all solids, all modern.  Very intriguing to browse!

Dare to be Square Quilting: A Block-by-Block Guide to Making Patchwork and Quilts, by Boo Davis

Fun and quirky quilts, and no diagonal cuts!  Sounds good to me… but again, which to choose?

Now I can’t leave it at that, of course.  I have to find more, more, more!  My Amazon Crafty Wish List has swollen lately… not that I’ll actually buy any.  I just like to look.  And covet.  Below are a few that I’ve been coveting the most.

Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter: An Illustrated Guide to the Space of Your Dreams, by Carolyn Woods

The title pretty much says it all.

Block Party–The Modern Quilting Bee: The Journey of 12 Women, 1 Blog, and 12 Improvisational Projects, by Alissa Carlton

Neat concept, almost more of a novel than a pattern book.  One of these days I will join a quilting guild around here.

Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter, by Tonya Ricucci

I’ve been really interested lately in “wonky” quilting, which is much more improvisational than traditional quilting.  I still haven’t tried it, but the UnRuly Quilter has a fun blog and using words in quilts seems like a cool idea.

It’s funny that I wrote a post about craft books I was coveting back in September… not a single one is still on my Wish List, and I never bought any of them either.  Not sure what that says about me, exactly, but I guess I enjoy torturing myself and my “inspiration” is constantly changing… or something like that.

2 thoughts on “Craft Books I Drool Over: August 2011 Update

  1. I just received my blogiversary give away coasters in today’s mail. They are lovely! Thank you, again! I’m happy that you are feeling inspired to plan more projects. In your next survey you should include ‘fabric artist’ under possible professions.


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